This dynamic troupe of violinists combine jazz, Celtic, country and every style in between for an energetic and inspiring musical experience.





CD Liner Notes

  • San Antonio Rose (Bob Wills Bourne Co.)
  • Elina’s Waltz (Tero Hyvaluoma Minnamurra Music Management & Agency arranged by Lauren Pybus)
  • Front Porch Jam (Dean Marshall Swath Publishing (SOCAN)
  • Short Trip Home (Edgar Meyer Hendon Music OBO Eggbert Music arranged by Mark Best)
  • Jessie Polka (P.D. arranged by Mark O’Connor – Published by Mark O’Connor Musik International, BMI)
  • Big Sam Thompson Chris Thile (BMG Bumblebee OBO Southern Melody Publishing arranged by Mark Best)
  • Faded Love Bob Wills/John Wills (WB Music Corp. arranged by Mark O’Connor Published by Mark O’Connor Musik)

Revolution Strings Performers

Violin                                                                 Cello
Kathyanne Best                                                    Kenny Waldrop
JaiMalee Cordova
Faith Fang                                                            Guitar
Cassidy Forehand                                                  Mark Best
Danny Gil                                                             Keith Kusterer
Daniella Martinez
Ernesto Mendoza                                                  Bass
Marcelo Ordonez                                                   David Keown
Lauren Pybus                                                       Brendan Acosta
Celeste Sanchez
Gabe Tolentino                                                     Drums
Lexi Townsend                                                      Kevin Taylor

James Gumawid
Teran Hall
Logan McFall

Revolution Recording Project Sponsors

Revolution Recording Song Master: $1,500
Don and Avis Waldrop

Revolution Recording Melody Master: $750
The Pybus Family

Revolution Studio Double Play: $400
Dian Graves Own Foundation

Revolution Studio Single Play: $200
Shea Woodard Hall
The Forehand Family
Perry and Judy Reeves
Chip and Glyn Ann Townsend
Matthews Office Account